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Thursday, 1 June 2017


Hey Everyone :)

Today I have a first impressions/review on the Note Mattifying Extreme Wear Foundation.
This foundation mimics the Ingot HD foundation and is less than half the price.


I picked up the shade 04 Sand for €13.95 in Sam McCauleys. There is 35ml of product which is above the average (30ml) so that is a plus. It also has a plastic pump bottle so is easy to get the pruduct out and use.

Befor and After

It claims to provide all day long lasting clear and matte coverage. I personally like more of a dewy look to my skin, however, occasionally I like a matte finish especially when I do not want to be getting a shiny/oily t-zone. It definitely gives a matte finish and you can see that from the second you start applying the foundation, meaning it is also quiet drying so you have to work quickly when applying and blending it out. It is quiet a thick foundation, the kind that does not run or move when you turn it upside down. It is a medium to full coverage foundation but can be built to give more coverage. I built it up just to test it, and after the second layer I noticed it was starting to look more on the caked side around the centre of my face where pores are more prominent and beacuse it is matte and that bit more drying it could have a tendency to get cakey more easily. Personally, I would apply one layer and then just add extra coverage to where is needed.

Cedar wood oil and spiraea extract balance the sebum levels of your skin to prevent the formation of acne. Once I applied the foundation I did not touch my face or even look at my face for 8 hours. When I did finally check I was surprised to see how less shiny I was than usual. So I would definitely recommend this for any oily skin girls, as you should not need to powder as often.

Just Applied.

After 8 hours.

This foundation also has spf 15, so you get a little protection from it. I did however test it out with flash photography to see if it reflects white light which gives you that white face in photos, and as you can see from the pictures above and below, it does not do that, so you can take all the pictures you want. The product does have a scent which reminds me of a certain baby product so nothing over-powering at all.

Overall I think this foundation is really good for the price of it. It did seperate slightly on my nose from the minute I applied it. However, I do not know if it just did not work well with my primer or concealer (which shouldn't be a problem). But you could not really tell in the photos, only when you looked closely. I think it is really affordable and a great buy for any teenagers out there, who have oily/combination skin as it will work well with your skin as well as lasting longer throughout the day. I have not come across many drugstore foundations that are as matte as this foundation, so thumbs up from me.

Luv Lee

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Hi everyone :)

So even though I am a massive tanaholic, it took me a while to jump on the band wagon with the penneys Ps Instant dark tan. I purchased the dark shade as I love a good dark tan, and rarely opt for a light tan, even though I don't have a dark skin tone myself. Keeping in mind this tan is more of a red toned tan, so for some people with light skin tones, you may find you appear slightly orange, depending on what you class as 'orange'.

First off I love the packaging, they done really well mixing the rose gold and white colour scheme, making it look sleek and expensive. This tan is only €4 which is the cheapest I have come across, and is a lot better than others I have tried, for more than twice the amount. You get 150ml, a decent amount of product, and being realistic you get 4/5 applications (for me at least) which is under €1 per application.

The scent of the tan is unlike any smell I have ever gotten from a tan. It smells amazing, sweet and tropical, and you can't help but sniff yourself once it's applied (is that just me?) The product itself is obviously a gel consistency, and applies very easily. I have noticed if you are using the same mit, and it is still slightly wet or damp from previous use, it will clump the gel in certain areas that is then hard to remove, so make sure you use a dry mit.

It dries relatively quickly, however I would avoid getting dressed for a short amount of time after. I generally apply my tan, then dry/do my hair and do my makeup. I have gotten transfer from the tan on to my tight white string tops. Although it does not claim to be waterproof, I recommend not wearing this tan outside if it is raining. It is very bad for leaving you looking like a leopard in the rain, and also if it is hot outside at all and you get sticky/sweaty, it will leave a patch in that area too. i happened to give myself a hand print on my arm while using it by just resting my hand on my arm. The tiniest of drop of water will leave a smudge mark, even if you sneeze on yourself, which is one of my downfalls. So avoid wet weather and liquids in general with this tan. It does start to appear dirty looking and smudged after 8+ hours, so keep that in mind if you plan on applying this first thing in the morning.

Overall I like the colour of the tan and like I said, it is better than a few others I have tried which were more expensive,. I will continue to use it for those in between days, when I use my over night developing tans. I wouldn't however rely on it for a special occasion, but more so for a nice golden looking tan on a warm sunny day or for a night out when it is not raining, keeping in mind to apply it before you go out and not that morning. For anyone who likes a long lasting tan that looks natural with a hint of glow to your skin maybe this isn't for you, unless you try the lighter shade. And for anyone who can not be bothered if its raining then just stay clear too :)

Monday, 20 March 2017


Hi everyone :)

So I managed to pick up a couple pairs from Rosie Connolly's new sunglass collection on Aluxe.ie last week when they went on pre-order. If you for some reason do not know her,  she is one of Irelands leading bloggers and has now come out with her own collection of sunglasses under her new brand Aluxe. I was looking at her snaps the other week when she was showcasing the majority of them, and there is not one pair I did not like. She has done so well with these and they are all beautiful.

When they arrived, they came parceled in a white box, and inside the box, they were wrapped in really pretty pink paper, along with a little card by Rosie. Inside the pink paper, there were grey sunglass pouches with the brand name on it, while also being in plastic seal bags inside the pouches too.

I bought the St. Lucia Classic Aviator style sunglasses in silver and also bought the Kiki oversized sunglasses in black. They were both €15 each, which is totally affordable for a pair of sunglasses. Post and packaging were €3.50. I was trying to pick up the Bora Bora style sunglasses in rose gold but did not manage to get them in time before being sold out.

Her sunglasses are stylish and really good quality and her attention to detail with these sunglasses is amazing while having uv400 protection too, so your eyes are well protected :)

The St. Lucia sunglasses are beautiful and they were one of the pairs I was drawn to straight away. The aviator sunglasses have been around a while now and don't seem to go out of fashion. These have a metal frame with mirrored lenses which give off that classic look. They fit perfectly while also having nose pads, however, they do remove my makeup. I find it hard to get sunglasses that do not remove your makeup or leave marks.

The Kiki sunglasses were another pair that caught my eye when Rosie was showing them on her snapchat. I do love a nice pair of oversized sunglasses. This style is actually what I generally stick to and buy because it suits my face shape and also makes my face appear smaller, while also having plenty of uv protection around the eye area. They have dark tinted lenses, which again, I love and also have a round and square shape to them with gold arms, giving that lovely contrast of black and gold.

With sunglasses, one thing I look for is for my makeup to stay in place on my nose. Although they left small slight marks, my makeup did not come off. However, that was after wearing them for about an hour. I cannot say for numerous hours.

Overall, I love them, and cannot wait to pick up the rose gold Bora Bora style too. They will definitely get good use on my holidays :)


Hi everyone :)

So for Paddy's Day, I wanted to get into some green. And rooted out and put together this outfit.
I think the high boots really dress up the outfit because if you throw on a pair of ankle booties it can tone the outfit back down.

I got the high boots over a year ago in Penneys for under €25. It was when the thigh high boots first started coming in, but I am sure there are some that look like these in store now and will link others similar to them too. They do have a heel, even though it might not be seen in the picture, but still comfortable enough to walk in all day. They also have that soft suede touch to them and can actually be folded down below the knee too, but there are different textures then, as it is pleather on the inside.

Similar boots:         
         Flat heel-            Prettylittlething.com
         High heel-          Bluffly.com , Shein.com

The jeans I picked up from the skinny jeans section in Penney's for €13. There is a little bit of stretch to them and also have the ripped/jagged edges at the ankle. 

Similar jeans:  Forever21.comNewlook.com

The bodysuit top I bought in River Island around Christmas time in a sale for under €15. I am really getting into bodysuits lately and they are everywhere at the moment. It has a ribbed scoop neck with a bit of a sleeve which I like. And the khaki green colour I was drawn to immediately as it is one of my favourite colours, especially against a tan. I love simple yet put together outfits that are also very comfortable to wear and this choice gave me that.

Sunday, 19 March 2017


Hi everyone :)

So Penneys have really upped their game lately with makeup and I couldn't help picking up the master contour palette when I saw it. One of those items thrown into the basket, when you go in for a look, but end up coming out with a bag. Who doesn't love a chiseled jawline with that glow on your cheekbone? The shades looked perfect, with a cream highlighting and sculpting shade, a cream foundation shade (or lighter sculpting shade) a cream highlighter, a powder setting shade and a powder contour shade.

It cost just €8, so was reasonable for the Ps range at Penney's and I mean if it wasn't great, you weren't going to cry over it. Perfect for anyone starting out or needing practice when it comes to contouring and highlighting. The product itself was really creamy and blended easily. However, it did dry somewhat quicker and I had to spritz some dewy mist over my face so I could continue to blend without it being dry on the skin, maybe this was just me.

When applying the powder sculpting shade to contour I noticed the more I applied the muddier it started to look. Therefore I added some of my warmer bronzing shade to my face, which is not in the palette, and it looked a lot better. The powder highlight was perfect and actually set the cream highlight perfectly, and did not crease either. That got a big thumbs up from me, as a lot of 'affordable' concealer/highlight shades crease way too quickly for me.

Product just applied.

Blended without any other product.

Makeup finished.

Makeup finished.

Makeup finished.

After 6 hours I noticed a little bit of redness starting to appear through my cheeks, which never happens with my foundations, but again I tend to wear more high-end foundations that claim to be full coverage and long-lasting. Looking back now though I have noticed the areas that wore away are also the same areas that I applied the cream highlighter on with a stippling brush, instead of my ring finger, so maybe this had something to do with it. Also, the following day when I used the palette again, I stuck to my ring finger and noticed the area did not wear away. I was actually surprised by the longevity of this product. Yes, I had a little bit of shine on my t-zone, but that was where I applied the cream highlighter and it actually looked like it was a healthy glow, apart for my chin.

Six hours no flash.
Six hours with flash.

Overall, I did like how the product looked and the fact it was only €8 makes it seem like a bargain, especially compared to other contour palettes on the market that are €30+. I feel you definitely need to use your own bronzing powder with this palette, just to add some warmth to the face. I understand for a special occasion the last thing you want happening is the product wearing away but this palette seems to be okay apart from getting shiny after 8 hours, granted a lot of other products do also. I will use it again, but as for special occasions, like weddings, I might stick to what I know works best for me.  However, I would wear it on a night out or for just daytime makeup because I do actually like how it makes my skin look because it appears to give off a healthy glow :)

Thursday, 9 March 2017


Hi everyone :)

So the first weekend of October last year I was taken down to Skibbereen in West Cork, where we stayed in one of the treehouses at cottages for couples. We stayed in tree house number one and from the time we pulled up and parked outside we were in love with how it looked. Totally secluded and hidden away, you would think you were in a forest. 

As you walk up to the tree house there are wooden stumps as steps leading up to the door, and the whole feel from the place is just calming and stress-free. Inside it is open plan, as I expected, you have a small little kitchen for yourself, the bed, living area, dining area and bath when you walk in. You also have a separate toilet room and a shower room too, with the hot-tub outside on the deck, while also being private.

When you enter, there is also a welcoming board with both your names written attached to one of the logs going from floor to ceiling in the tree house. There is also a bottle of champagne too, which goes down very nicely as you relax in the hot tub.

At €190 per night, at the weekend, our two nights was more than enough, and would only really stay here for a special occasion (Valentines or Anniversary). However trying to get your dates might turn out to be a mission, especially if you are looking for certain dates, as they are booked up way in advance. This tree house was booked up for 5 months but my other half managed to quickly grasp a cancellation.

Regarding things to do here, there really isn't too much to do, except admire the scenery. When we first got down, we raced to the closest pub to watch the All-Ireland football final, because we couldn't have missed that. Afterwards, we went to the Paragon Bar & Bistro for a bite to eat, which was really nice. My other half is a picky eater and this restaurant sufficed his needs perfectly. Skibbereen in general, to me, seemed like a little town, where everyone knows everybody, and all the pubs seem like little old man pubs :) 

Our second day, we decided to go out to Mizen head, the most southern point of Ireland, where I nearly was blown away with the wind despite being a really nice day, and afterwards went back to Lough Hyne. Both places had amazing scenery and views and are well worth bringing your camera or whipping out your phone.

Would definitely recommend visiting and staying here, for a little treat or special occasion and at least a one-time thing. Who knows I might even go back again :)